Meet Kristina Andaya

I received my undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences from National-Louis University and a Master's Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy at the University of Phoenix. I am licensed by the Nevada State Board of Examiners to practice psychotherapy in person and through video conferencing (telehealth) in the state of Nevada.

I have experience working with patients from all walks of life that have faced a variety of mental and physical health issues. I am experienced in providing therapy to children, adults, couples, and families.

As a counselor, I use an eclectic approach tailored to each patient. Some therapeutic interventions that I have used to help patients navigate through their personal challenges include: 

  • CBT

  • Solution-Focused

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Mindfulness

  • Positive Psychology 

If you are ready to acquire the skills and tools needed to successfully manage your life and more effectively tackle your problems, get in touch. I'm ready to support and guide you to the next chapter in your life. 

You may notice the images of succulents placed throughout this site. This isn't simply a coincidence -- a random choice in stock photos. Instead, these images were carefully chosen. Succulents are not just beautiful, but they are also known for their resilience. They are able to survive even the harshest conditions. 

Isn't this similar to humans? We are all beautiful and unique. We are also built to handle a variety of difficult situations. Let me guide you and help you develop the skills you need to more easily deal with these challenges. 



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