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Individual Therapy

Put Yourself First

In this busy life, it's not unusual to fill many roles. The most important role, though, is simply being you. 

I offer Individual Therapy sessions personalized to the unique needs of each client. From working through past traumas to addressing current troubles and helping you navigate your future, I guide you every step of the way allowing you to become the best version of yourself. 

Couples Therapy

Navigate Through Life's Troubles Together

If the honeymoon phase is over, you're certainly not alone. Couples in all stages of life -- from the first stages of the relationship to long after commitment -- seek couples therapy.

My Couples Therapy sessions are designed to help you work through the challenges of your relationship. You can feel comfortable in a space where you can openly speak your mind, listen to your partner, and leave better prepared to tackle anything life throws at you. 


Family Therapy

Connect With Your Family

Families face problems that range from minor conflicts to major, life-changing events. Let me help you find a way to navigate these troubled waters and strengthen your relationships. 

We'll explore a variety of proven techniques to help you communicate, solve problems more effectively, and tackle familial issues both now and in the future. 

Mind/Body Connection

Feel Connected & Improve Quality of Life

The body and mind connection is powerful. Traumatic experiences can lead to dysfunction of your nervous system. 

In our sessions, we'll work to identify and manage current problems, as well as improve positive thinking and behavior. We'll explore ways to reframe your thinking and physical reactions, making it easier to cope with life's obstacles. 


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